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Kärnten Oberösterreich Steiermark Vorarlberg
Niederösterreich Salzburg Tirol Wien
There are no listings for Burgenland.

Austria is divided into nine states called Bundesländer, often shortened to just Länder, or Land in the singular. One of those states, Vienna, is a city-state (Stadtstaaten). Austria is a very mountainous country, especially the western and central portions that border Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The foothills of the Alps extend eastward all the way to Vienna, and most of the parts of eastern Austria that are not mountainous are at least hilly.

KÄRNTEN (Carinthia)      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Carinthia is a state of mountains and valleys along the central part of Austria's southern border, next to Slovenia and Italy. About half the country's dozen or so naturist campgrounds are in Carinthia, and most of them are located in the general vicinity of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (usually shortened to just Klagenfurt), the state's capital and largest town. Wörthersee is a long mountain lake that stretches over 15 kilometers westward from Klagenfurt, and Forstsee is a much smaller, hidden lake that is nestled atop a plateau above Wörthersee. Nudity is practiced along the entire shoreline of this forested lake, which is the only well established public FKK location in Carinthia. About 23 kilometers north of Klagenfurt in an Alpine valley, Längsee is a small lake that has a developed textile recreation beach. Not far from the textile beach, there is a designated FKK lawn surrounded by tall trees, with access to the water for nude swimming.


      Forstsee   46.6310N, 14.0706E 

      Naturbad Längsee   46.7894N, 14.4201E 


     Camping Pesenthein    46.7957N, 13.5987E     G, E

     FKK-Camping Müllerhof    46.5792N, 14.1491E     G, D, E
          Keutschach am See

     FKK-Camping Sabotnik    46.5794N, 14.1534E     G
          Keutschach am See

     FKK-Erholungszentrum Tigringer See    46.6825N, 14.1759E     G, E

     KLB FKK-Camping Turkweise    46.5836N, 14.1673E     G
          Keutschach am See

     Rutar Lido    46.5837N, 14.6242E     G, D*, E*, F*, I*

     Schluga Camping Welt    46.6277N,13.4460E     G, D, E, I
          Hermagor-Pressegger See

NIEDERÖSTERREICH (Lower Austria)      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Lower Austria is a state in the northeast corner of Austria, bordering the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Lower Austria completely surrounds Vienna, which is a separate city-state. Ratzersdorfer See is a developed recreation lake with a designated FKK area. It is located within the city limits of Sankt Pölten, the capital and largest town of Lower Austria, about an hour's drive west from Vienna.


      Ratzersdorfer See   48.2269N, 15.6577E 


      FKK Terrace at Freibad Neunkirchen   47.7215N, 16.0737E 

      FKK Terrace at Thermalstrandbad   48.0063N, 16.2186E 

OBERÖSTERREICH (Upper Austria)      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Upper Austria is a state along the central part of Austria's northern border, next to Germany and the Czech Republic. The capital and largest town is Linz, which is the third largest city in Austria even though its metro area has just a few hundred thousand residents. Three of the five nude beach listings below are in or near Linz, in the part of the state that is north of the Alps. Pleschinger See is a recreation lake just outside the city limits, and about a quarter of the lakeshore is designated as FKK, making it the largest and most popular FKK location in Upper Austria. The is also a popular lakeshore FKK meadow at Kleiner Weikerlsee across town in the far south of Linz. Kleiner Weikerlsee is actually farther from the city center than Pleschinger See, even though it is within the city limits. About 20 kilometers west of Linz, the Feldkirchen Badeseen are a cluster of five small lakes that comprise a popular recreation area, and there is a long and narrow FKK meadow along the shore of one of the lakes.

      Freibadeanlage Winkl and Strandbad Untersee are near the far southern end of Upper Austria, in an area called the Salzkammergut lake district. Nestled in the Alps and closer to Salzburg than to Linz, these two fairly obscure FKK locations are toward opposite ends of a lake called Hallstätter See, and both are near the popular, postcard-perfect lakeshore village of Hallstatt. (In the same general vicinity, there is another FKK site along Grundlsee, in the neighboring state of Styria.)


      Feldkirchen Badeseen   48.3285N, 14.0673E 

      Freibadeanlage Winkl   47.5506N, 13.6768E 

      Kleiner Weikerlsee   48.2659N, 14.3613E 

      Pleschinger See   48.3178N, 14.3350E 

      Strandbad Untersee   47.6077N, 13.6449E 


      FKK Terrace at Parkbad Bad Ischl   47.7141N, 13.6216E 

      FKK Terrace at Strand und Erlebnisbad Gmunden   47.9086N, 13.7845E 

SALZBURG      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Nestled in the foothills of the Alps next to the German border, Salzburg—the capital of the state of the same name—is a picturesque, colorful town, well known from The Sound of Music and inextricably linked to its famously musical native son, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Just beyond the city limits, about 10 kilometers south of the city center, Waldbad Anif is a charming swimming pond with a designated FKK area. Very close by, there is a gravel bar in a river called Königseeache that is an informal FKK area attended mostly by gay men. These two locations are within easy walking distance of one another, about one kilometer apart. About 18 kilometers east of Salzburg, Fuschlsee is an Alpine lake in the Salzkammergut lake district that has a small, hidden and informal FKK beach along a forested part of its shoreline.


      Fuschlsee   47.8087N, 13.2704E 

      Königseeache   47.7300N, 13.0739E 

      Waldbad Anif   47.7358N, 13.0803E 


     Sonnensport Salzburg    47.8990N, 13.1603E     G
          Seekirchen am Wallersee

STEIERMARK (Styria)      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Styria is a state toward the southeastern part of Austria, bordering Slovenia. The capital and largest city is Graz. With a metro area of just under 300,000, Graz is the second largest city in Austria—a very distant second to Vienna. Graz is located in a valley, with the Alps to the north and west and much smaller mountains and hills to the south and east. Toward the southern edge of the urban limits of Graz, Strassganger Bad is an artificial recreation lake with a perfectly rectangular shape, giving it the appearance of a giant swimming pool (covering an area of more than eight Olympic-sized pools). One corner of the lake is cordoned off with a privacy screen and designated as FKK. Not far away, a bit south of the city limits, there is also a designated FKK beach at a large recreation complex called Schwarzlsee.

      The other two nude beach listing below are located in the mountains north and west of Graz. Near the geographic center of Styria in the valley of the rive Mur, Freizeitanlage Zechner is an artificial recreation lake with a designated FKK area. In the far northwest corner of Styria, Grundlsee is a beautiful Alpine lake in the Salzkammergut lake district that has a fairly obscure FKK area. (In the same general vicinity, there are two more FKK sites, both along a lake called Hallstätter See, in the neighboring state of Upper Austria.)


      Freizeitanlage Zechner   47.2374N, 14.8535E 

      Grundlsee   47.6370N, 13.8849E 

      Schwarzlsee   46.9869N, 15.4221E 

      Strassganger Bad   47.0259N, 15.3951E 


     Camping Rothenfels    47.2001N, 14.2941E     G

     Freie Menschen Graz    47.1372N, 15.5692E     G, D, E

     Gästehaus Lührmann    47.4041N, 13.6695E     G, E
          Ramsau am Dachstein

TIROL (Tyrol)      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      The Austrian state of Tyrol, spelled with an "i" instead of a "y" in German, occupies most of Austria's western "tail," and it is the most mountainous state in a mostly mountainous country. All five of Austria's highest Alpine peaks are located either within or along the border of this state. Tirol is split into two non-contiguous parts. North Tyrol (Nordtirol) is the larger of the two parts, wedged between Germany and Italy, with a short stretch of border with Switzerland as well. East Tyrol (Osttirol) is the much smaller (and more sparsely populated) part, and its only international border is with Italy. North Tyrol and East Tyrol are separated by a 10-kilometer-long stretch where the state of Salzburg directly borders Italy. Innsbruck, the state capital and famed winter sports center, is located in North Tyrol, as are all the listings below.

      About 7 kilometers west of the city center of Innsbruck, there is a popular but informal FKK beach along the river Inn at Kranebitten, the district of the city where the airport is located. This beach is nicknamed "Alpen-Hawaii" by locals. About 7 kilometers by car south from the city center, there is also a designated FKK meadow at a pond called Lansersee. About 50 kilometers northeast of Innsbruck in the town of Kramsach, Reintalsersse is a gorgeous mountain lake with a hidden but easily accessible area that is designated as FKK.


      Inn at Kranebitten   47.2664N, 11.3172E 

      Lansersee   47.2400N, 11.4198E 

      Reintalersee   47.4613N, 11.8955E 


      FKK Lawn at Badeanlage Telfs   47.3037N, 11.0688E 

      FKK Terrace at Freibad Tivoli   47.2599N, 11.4094E 


     Liga Völs    47.2521N, 11.3109E     G, E


     Haus Romeo    47.5217N, 12.2519E     G, E
          Scheffau Am Wilden Kaiser

VORARLBERG      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Voralberg is the small state at the extreme western end of Austria's western "tail," but despite its size it has three international borders—with Germany, Switzerland and tiny Liechtenstein. Austria's relatively small share of Lake Constance (Bodensee in German) is located within Voralberg. The north-flowing Rhine empties into the far southeast end of the lake in Voralberg and flows out the other end of the long lake as it continues its northward journey. Voralberg's Rhine delta area is the location FKK Strand Hard, a nature reserve reserved just for naturists, with full park amenities on about ten acres.


      FKK Strand Hard   47.4935N, 9.6666E 

WIEN (Vienna)      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Vienna, Austria's only city-state, is the country's smallest state in land area but by far its largest city. About 1.7 million people live within the city-state boundaries, and another 700,000 or so live beyond the city limits in suburban areas of Lower Austria (Oberösterreich), the state that completely surrounds it. In all, about 29% of all Austrians live within Vienna's metro area. Vienna is a city that rivals Paris for elegance and grandeur. More to the point of this guide, it is a city that rivals Berlin and Munich for its urban FKK opportunities.

      The Danube (Donau) cuts southeastward through Vienna on its course toward the Black Sea, and most of the city's FKK locations are near this river. The most centrally located FKK area is in a large recreation park called Gänsehäufelbad, which occupies an island in an old arm of the river called the Old Danube (Alte Donau). Nudity is obligatory in the FKK zone, which covers about six acres and includes a restaurant and two beaches with protected swimming areas. Of the four nude beach listings below, Gänsehäufelbad is the only one that requires an entrance fee.

      Parallel to the main course of the Danube, there is a man-made canal called the New Danube (Neue Donau). Between the river and the canal, there is a skinny island that is more than 20 kilometers long but at most 210 meters across. This island is called Danube Island, or Donauinsel. Toward the south end of this island, there is a collection of designated FKK areas we have grouped as Neue Donau Süd, and these areas comprise what is doubtlessly the largest urban nudist zone anywhere in the world. The main FKK area, on the east bank of the New Danube, is almost 3 kilometers long. Across the canal on the west bank (i.e., on Danube Island), there is a smaller FKK area that is effectively an all-gay beach. There is also a wooded lake in the immediately vicinity that is frequented by nude bathers as well. About 12 kilometers away from this collection of FKK areas, there is also a quieter and smaller FKK area toward the north end of Danube Island that we have labeled Donauinsel Nord.

      In the southwest of Vienna, Wienerberger Teich is a large pond that is not near the Danube, and there is an informal FKK meadow. Attended mostly by small crowds of gay men, this pond is minor in comparison to the other sites that are listed below.


      Donauinsel Nord   48.2709N, 16.3677E 

      Gänsehäufelbad   48.2263N, 16.4329E 

      Neue Donau Süd   48.1840N, 16.4804E 

      Wienerberger Teich   48.1619N, 16.3511E 


      FKK Lawn at Bundesbad Alte Donau   48.2405N, 16.4218E 


     Naturistenpark Lobau    48.2044N, 16.4888E     G, E*, F*


     Vienna Vista B&B    48.1861N, 16.3591E     E, F*, G*, I*

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AG Aargau
BL Basel-Landschaft
BE Bern
GE Genève
GR Graubünden
SZ & UR Schwyz & Uri
TI Ticino
VD Vaud
ZH & ZG Zürich & Zug

Switzerland is divided into 26 regions called cantons, as indicated in the map above. Only the 11 cantons for which there are listings in this guide are named. Switzerland is very mountainous, with the highest ridges of the Alps spanning the sparsely populated southern part of the country. Most of the listing below are located amid the smaller mountains and hills of the more densely populated north.

AARGAU      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Aargau is a canton in the far north of German-speaking Switzerland, bordering Germany, between Zürich and Basel.


     HESPA    47.4208N, 8.1050E     G


      In the far north of Switzerland, Basel is a mostly German-speaking city at the tri-country border of Switzerland, Germany and France. While the city proper is within the tiny canton of Basel-Stadt, much of the urban area is in the neighboring canton of Basel-Landschaft.


      FKK Lawns at Sonnenbad St. Margarethen   47.5409N, 7.5803E 

BERN      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is located in the west of Switzerland, toward the western edge of the predominantly German-speaking part of the country, near where French becomes the primary language. The canton of Bern is the second largest of Switzerland's 26 cantons in land area, covering about 14% of the country. About 20 kilometers southwest of the city of Bern and at the western edge of the canton, there is a scenic, wooded gorge of the Sense River that is popular with nudists.


      Sense River   46.8406N, 7.3382E 


      FKK Lawn at Lorrainebad   46.9604N, 7.4430E 

      FKK Lawn at Marzilibad   46.9410N, 7.4437E 

GENÈVE (Geneva)      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Geneva, called Genève in French and Genf in German, is a French-speaking city of global prominence in the canton of the same name at the westernmost part of Switzerland, almost completely surrounded by France. Geneva is at the western end of the large lake that English speakers call Lake Geneva, French speakers call Lac Léman and German speakers call Genfersee.


     Club Gymnique Lumière Genève    46.1632N, 6.1655E     F, E, G, I

GRAUBÜNDEN      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Graubünden, Switzerland's largest canton that comprises about 17% of the country's land area, is situated at the easternmost part of the country, sharing borders with Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. Graubünden is entirely mountainous and has the lowest population density of any of the cantons, and it is the only canton that includes towns and villages where Romansh is the predominant language. German is the first language of a little over two-thirds of Graubünden residents, while most of the rest speak Italian or Romansh.


      FKK Lawn at Freibad Robinson Vulpera   46.7871N, 10.2844E 

SCHWYZ & URI      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Located in the middle of Switzerland, Lake Lucerne is a body of water with many arms that is among the larger of the country's numerous lakes. It is called Vierwaldstättersee in German, which roughly translates as "Lake of the Four Forested Cantons," a reference to the fact that the lake is divided among four cantons. Two of those cantons are Schwyz and Uri, on the eastern end of the lake. Although the two locations listed below are only three kilometers apart, the border of Schwyz and Uri runs between them. Both are fairly obscure and informal FKK locations. The Sisikon site is a hidden, narrow, pebbly beach that is relatively easily to access, while the Axen Tunnel site is a very tiny bit of lakeshore that requires a steep downhill hike on a path with about a dozen switchbacks. At either location, the mountain views are breathtaking.


      Lake Lucerne, Axen Tunnel   46.9259N, 8.6117E 

      Lake Lucerne, Sisikon   46.9552N, 8.6191E 

TICINO      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Ticino is the only Swiss canton that is predominantly Italian in language and culture, and the valleys of this mountainous canton contain the southernmost towns of Switzerland. The highest ridges of the Alps separate Ticino from the most populated parts of the country in the north and west. The three sites below are all located close to one another, in the picturesque valleys to the north of Lago Maggiore, a large lake that lies partly is Switzerland but mostly in Italy. Two of these sites are easily accessible river locations: the river Maggia at Avegno village, and the river Melezza at Golino village. At both these sites, many visitors go naked even though nudity is not officially allowed and is a locally contentious issue. Nudity seems better tolerated in the dramatic Melezza Gorge, which requires much more effort to access.


      Maggia at Avegno   46.2035N, 8.7417E 

      Melezza at Golino   46.1803N, 8.7083E 

      Melezza Gorge   46.1697N, 8.6844E 

VAUD      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      The two sites below are both located along Lac de Neuchâtel, a large lake in the far western French-speaking part of Switzerland, west of Bern and north of Lausanne. Plage du VD8 has an informal but well-established nude beach that is next to VD8 camping. Just four kilometers away, Plage de la Petite Amérique is a much more hidden and less attended beach that often draws a few nudists.


      Plage du VD8   46.8008N, 6.7038E 

      Plage de la Petite Amérique   46.8025N, 6.7545E 


     Camping Club Léman    46.5101N, 6.5417E     F, D, E, G, I

ZÜRICH & ZUG      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      In the far north of Switzerland near the German border, Zürich is the largest city in the country. While the city itself has a population of just under 400,000, the metropolitan area extends throughout most of the canton of Zürich and into parts of neighboring cantons as well. Of the approximately 7.8 million residents of Switzerland, roughly a quarter of them live within the greater metropolitan sphere of Zürich. Since the one listing for the small neighboring canton of Zug is within metro Zürich, we have grouped Zürich and Zug together.

      Werdinsel is an island in the river Limmat with a designated FKK meadow at its northern tip that draws a significantly gay crowd. At about 4.5 kilometers northwest of the city center of Zürich, this is the most urban nude beach in Switzerland. Farther north, at the edge of the city limits and just off the autobahn, Katzensee is a pond with a small grassy beach, a tiny silver of which is fenced off and reserved for nude swimming and sunbathing. About 20 kilometers southeast of Zürich, Strandbad Niederuster is a grassy beach along a large lake called Greifensee, and nearby a narrow ribbon of the lakeshore is designated as FKK. About 22 kilometers directly east of Zürich, there is an informal FKK meadow at a rural pond called Brauiweiher.

      Zugersee is a large lake in the small canton of Zug, about halfway between Zürich and Lucerne. At the north end of the lake, Badeplatz Choller is a mostly grassy beach hidden by trees that is designated as FKK. Located between Zug and Cham about 30 kilometers southwest of Zürich, this beach is quite popular and often feels crowded since it is small, covering less than a quarter acre.


      Badeplatz Choller   47.1783N, 8.4794E 

      Brauiweiher   47.4240N, 8.7539E 

      Katzensee   47.4304N, 8.4925E 

      Strandbad Niederuster   47.3462N, 8.6898E 

      Werdinsel   47.4024N, 8.4836E 


      FKK Terraces at Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen   47.3527N, 8.5568E 

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