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The Americas
Australia / NZ
European Saunas

The files below are KMZ files which are viewable in Google Earth. The most important content of Naked Places is contained within these files.

If you do not have Google Earth installed on your computer, you should first download it from You do NOT need to buy anything. The free download is all you need. If you have never used Google Earth, you'll probably want to return to the Google Earth website and look at the video tutorials. You may also benefit from the Using Google Earth section of this website (classified under Using This Site).

Once you have located the downloaded file, we recommend that you open Google Earth first before opening the particular file.

Main Files Last Update Size (KB)
 Australia & New Zealand February 24, 2015 225
 Canada August 28, 2015 112
 Croatia & Montenegro April 13, 2011 152
 European Saunas May 16, 2013 270
 France December 10, 2016 315
 Germany, Austria & Switzerland June 10, 2014 565
 Greece November 29, 2016 655
 Italy February 25, 2015 176
 Mexico, Central America & The Caribbean September 21, 2016 74
 Spain & Portugal September 23, 2015 1300
 United Kingdom & Ireland March 21, 2014 229
 United States of America March 6, 2017 1000
Supplemental Files Last Update Size (KB)
 Czech Republic May 13, 2011 25
 Germany, Austria & Switzerland August 29, 2011 53