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Sachsen   Chemnitz

The area that we have designated as Eastern Germany includes four states—Brandenburg, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Thüringen— that were once part of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), popularly known in English simply as East Germany. Also included in this section is the city-state of Berlin, which was partly in the GDR before reunification. (The other state that was part of the GDR, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, is classified under Northern Germany.)

BERLIN      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Berlin is the largest city in Germany, and this once famously divided city is also one of the country's sixteen states. This city-state has a population of nearly 3.5 million, and it covers an area comparable to that of the five boroughs of New York City. Speaking of boroughs, Berlin is divided into 12 similar divisions called Bezirken, and the listings below are sorted by borough. The central district of the city is the borough of Mitte. Berlin is completely surrounded by the state of Brandenburg, and urban areas outside the city limits contribute almost a million more people to the metro population.

      Contrary to what may be expected in such a metropolis, it is not necessary to leave the city to escape the city, whether it is nude or textile recreation you are seeking. A surprisingly large portion of Berlin's territory is covered by forests, parks and water, with two rivers (the Spree and the Havel) forming a chain of lakes in the city. Berlin has more urban nudist locales than any other city in the world, and all of them are within reasonable reach of the city's extensive urban transit network. Two lakeshore FKK sites that offer the biggest sandy beaches are each about 22 kilometers from the city center, but in different directions. Strandbad Wannsee is in the far southwest of the city (accessible by S-bahn), while Strandbad Müggelsee is is the far southeast (accessible by S-bahn, with a transfer to a tram). Strandbad Plötzensee also offers a sandy nude beach area much closer to the city center, but it is considerably smaller than the other two sandy beaches. The most centrally located FKK site in Berlin is Tuntenwiese, a meadow in the Tiergarten (Berlin's large central park) that is visited almost exclusively by gay men, and nude bathers are also a common sight at Volkspark Friedrichshain, another centrally located park that was the major park of East Berlin when the city was divided.

      A few kilometers south and west of the Tiergarten, Halensee has a very popular FKK meadow that is easily reached by S-bahn. Moving farther south and west beyond Halensee, there is a huge forest park called Forst Grunewald that has three FKK areas. The most popular of these is Teufelsee, a small lake that is easily reached by car but otherwise requires a walk or bike ride of about 2 kilometers from the closest transit stop. Other locations in Forst Grunewald are Bullenwinkel at Grunewaldsee, which also requires a good bit of walking, and Krumme Lanke, which is close to a U-bahn station. Besides Strandbad Müggelsee, a few other FKK options in the far east of the city are Habermannsee and Strandbad Grünau, both of which are about 10 minutes on foot from the nearest tram stop. Another FKK location is a small meadow at Strandbad Lübars in the far north of the city, just a few hundred meters from the city limits and what used to be the wall, which has all but disappeared without a trace. If you plan to venture beyond the city limits of Berlin, there are more FKK locations close to the city in the surrounding state of Brandenburg, including a few that are just beyond the city limits.

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf     [ ↑ ]


      Bullenwinkel, Grunewaldsee   52.4713N, 13.2624E 

      Halensee   52.4959N, 13.2830E 

      Teufelsee   52.4905N, 13.2334E 

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg     [ ↑ ]


      Volkspark Friedrichshain   52.5273N, 13.4291E 


      FKK Lawn at Sommerbad Kreuzberg   52.4978N, 13.4001E 

Marzahn-Hellersdorf     [ ↑ ]


      Habermannsee   52.4941N, 13.5954E 

Mitte     [ ↑ ]


      Strandbad Plötzensee   52.5443N, 13.3283E 

      Tuntenwiese, Tiergarten   52.5126N, 13.3494E 

Reinickendorf     [ ↑ ]


      Strandbad Lübars   52.6178N, 13.3327E 

Steglitz-Zehlendorf     [ ↑ ]


      Krumme Lanke   52.4475N, 13.2313E 

      Strandbad Wannsee   52.4405N, 13.1769E 

Treptow-Köpenick     [ ↑ ]


      Strandbad Grünau   52.4072N, 13.6172E 

      Strandbad Müggelsee   52.4467N, 13.6690E 

BRANDENBURG      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Brandenburg is a state shaped like a doughnut. The hole in the middle is Berlin, which is an independent city-state even though the urban area of Berlin spills over into the state that completely surrounds it. In fact, of the approximately 2.5 million residents of Brandenburg, about 40% live within Berlin's metropolitan sphere. The five sites below that are marked with a blue asterisk (*) are Berlin suburban locations, all within 40 kilometers of the city center. The other sites are a bit farther afield. Of these, particularly of note are Senftenberger See, a large recreation lake in the far south of Brandenburg with three FKK beaches scattered around its lakeshore, and Helenesee, a lake near the Polish border that has more than one kilometer of shoreline available for nude bathing.


      Bernsteinsee *   52.6979N, 13.2295N 

      Godnasee   52.1340N, 13.9677E 

      Grünewalder Lauch   51.5111N, 13.6652E 

      Heiliger See *   52.4166N, 13.0766E 

      Helenesee   52.2682N, 14.4793E 

      Kiessee *   52.6530N, 13.3839E 

      Nymphensee *   52.5831N, 13.0229E 

      Ruhlsdorfer Kiessee   52.8160N, 13.5701E 

      Senftenberger See, Buchwalde   51.5115N, 14.0293E 

      Senftenberger See, Familienpark   51.4961N, 14.0459E 

      Senftenberger See, Südsee   51.4795N, 14.0023E 

      Strand Malge   52.3728N, 12.4804E 

      Waldbad Templin *   52.3590N, 13.0206E 


     Camping Tonsee    52.2561N, 13.6701E     G

     Campingplatz in Bantikow am See    52.9297N, 12.4483E     G, E

     FKK Herzsprung    52.9693N, 13.9830E     G
          Herzsprung (Angermünde)

     Naturcamping in der Schorfheide    52.9448N, 13.7887E     G

     Seecamp Malge    52.3715N, 12.4702E     G, E
          Brandenburg an der Havel

SACHSEN (Saxony)     [ ↑ ]

      Sachsen, better known to English speakers as Saxony, is located in the corner of Germany that borders Poland and the Czech Republic. It is the most populous of the states that used to be part of East Germany. There is an exceptional number of FKK locations that are in or near Saxony's three largest cities—Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz. Each of these cities is the principal city of the region of the same name.

Chemnitz      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Stausee Rabenstein is located toward the northwestern edge of the city of Chemnitz, making it the most urban of the six nude beach sites below, and Stausee Oberwald is a short drive west of the city. In the far southwest of Saxony, near the borders of two other states (Bavaria and Thüringen) and the Czech Republic, Talsperre Pöhl is one of the largest and most popular FKK locations in all of Germany.


      Filzteich   50.5729N, 12.6088E 

      Neuer Teich   50.8080N, 13.3188E 

      Schwemmteiche Sayda   50.6959N, 13.4487E 

      Stausee Oberwald   50.8254N, 12.6553E 

      Stausee Rabenstein   50.8386N, 12.8098E 

      Talsperre Pöhl   50.5440N, 12.1951E 


      FKK Lawn at Freibad Plauen-Haselbrunn   50.5252N, 12.1240E 

      FKK Lawn at Strandbad Planitz   50.6830N, 12.4648E 

      FKK Lawn at Südpark   50.2734N,12.2458E 

      FKK Lawn at Sumpfmühlenbad Hetzdorf   50.9684N, 13.4543E 

Dresden      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Located near the border of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, the city of Dresden offers quite an assortment of nude bathing options. The most centrally located FKK site is Luftbad Dölzschen, just five kilometers from the city center. This is a public outdoor swimming pool set aside just for naturists, and there is also a large FKK sunning lawn. In the southeast part of the city, Strandbad Wostra is a lovely sandy beach on a small lake that is also set aside just for naturists. At both Luftbad Dölzschen and Strandbad Wostra, swimsuits are not allowed. Just southeast of the city limits in the neighboring district of Pirna, Badesee Birkwitz is a very popular swimming lake where nudists and textiles mix along the entire shoreline. Such is also the case at Ottendorf-Okrilla Kiesgrube, a collection of quarry ponds located a few kilometers beyond the northern edge of the city. Stauseebad Cossebaude, Das Lössnitzbad and Badesee Coswig-Kötitz present a cluster of nude bathing options in the northwest part of Dresden and in the neighboring district of Meissen. The remaining sites listed below—Knappensee, Stausee Bautzen and Olbersdorfer See—are all located farther away from the city, toward Poland.


      Badesee Birkwitz   50.9769N, 13.8919E 

      Badesee Coswig-Kötitz   51.1232N, 13.5595E 

      Das Lössnitzbad   51.1050N, 13.6075E 

      Knappensee   51.3789N, 14.3231E 

      Luftbad Dölzschen   51.0252N, 13.6979E 

      Olbersdorfer See   50.8879N, 14.7770E 

      Ottendorf-Okrilla Kiesgrube   51.1971N, 13.8190E 

      Stausee Bautzen   51.2024N, 14.4524E 

      Stauseebad Cossebaude   51.0907N, 13.6203E 

      Strandbad Wostra   51.0014N, 13.8673E 


      FKK Lawn at Das Bilzbad   51.1232N, 13.6471E 

      FKK Lawn at Erlebnisbad Dorfhain   51.1232N, 13.6471E 


     Campingplatz Biehainer Sonnefreunde    51.2853N, 14.94046E     G

     Campingplatz Halbendorfersee    51.5333N, 14.5749E     G

     Waldteichfreunde Volkersdorf    51.1456N, 13.7169E     G, E, D

Leipzig      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Leipzig has two designated FKK sites, both in the southwestern part of the city near the city limits. At Kulkwitzer See, part of the grassy lakeshore is designated as FKK, while Cospudener See offers a large, sandy FKK beach. Naturbad Luppa is in a more rural setting, just under an hour's drive east of the city.


      Cospudener See   51.2845N, 12.3367E 

      Kulkwitzer See   51.3040E, 12.2535E 

      Naturbad Luppa   51.3391E, 12.9770E 


     Freizeit- und Erholungszentrum Eilenburg    51.4727N, 12.6794E     G

SACHSEN-ANHALT (Saxony-Anhalt)      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Sachsen-Anhalt, or Saxony-Anhalt in English, is among the least urbanized states of Germany. The two largest cities, Magdeburg and Halle an der Saale, are similar in size, each with a population of under 250,000. The two most urban FKK locations are Strandbad Neustädter See, located toward the north end of Magdeburg, and Strandbad Heidesee, located toward the eastern edge of Halle an der Saale. The other FKK locations listed below are scattered in smaller towns throughout the state.


      Bergwitzsee Halbinsel   51.7818N, 12.5747E 

      Freizeitpark Pirkau, Mondsee   51.1350N, 12.1305E 

      Halberstädter See   51.9119N, 11.0846E 

      Strandbad Arendsee   52.8949N, 11.4994E 

      Strandbad Hasse-See   51.2549N, 11.9114E 

      Strandbad Heidesee   51.4867N, 11.8953E 

      Strandbad Kelbra   51.4308N, 11.0174E 

      Strandbad Neustädter See   52.1772N, 11.6492E 

THÜRINGEN (Thuringia)      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Like neighboring Sachsen-Anhalt, Thüringen—often called Thuringia in English—is not heavily urbanized. Of the four nude beach listings below, two of them—Nordstrand and Strandbad Stotternheim—are within the urban limits of Erfurt, a small city that is Thuringia's capital and largest city. The FKK beach at Stausee Hohenfelden, which is roughly equidistant from Erfurt and Weimar, has the perk of being next door to a small water park with deluxe textile-free sauna facilities. Bergsee Ratscher is the closest FKK location to the Thuringian Forest (Thüringer Wald), a small chain of verdant Appalachian-like mountains that is the Thuringia's most prominent geographic feature. Thuringia also has an above-average number of Freibäder—public outdoor swimming complexes—that have separate FKK sunbathing areas.


      Bergsee Ratscher   50.4926N, 10.7878E 

      Nordstrand   51.0001N, 11.0535E 

      Stausee Hohenfelden   50.8790N, 11.1791E 

      Strandbad Stotternheim   51.0492N, 11.0515E 


      FKK Lawn at Freibad Dietzhausen   50.6029N, 10.6017E 

      FKK Lawn at Freibad Hammergrund   50.6812N, 10.8929E 

      FKK Lawn at Freibad Rudolstadt   50.7150N, 11.3364E 

      FKK Lawn at Freibad Stadtroda   50.8608N, 11.7394E 

      FKK Lawn at Freizeitbad Finsterbergen   50.8393N, 10.5826E 

      FKK Lawn at Schwimmbad Mosbach   50.9404N, 10.3398E 

      FKK Lawn at Waldbad Rückersdorf   50.7324N, 11.4784E 

      FKK Lawn at Waldbad Ruhla   50.8772N, 10.3726E 

      FKK Terrace at Dreienbrunnenbad   50.9621N, 11.0108E 


     Camping bei Jena    50.9735N, 11.6487E     G

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