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A Brief Introduction, Naturism in the C.R., Google Earth File & Coding

A Brief Introduction     [ ↑ ]
             ← Click the map for a more detailed view.

The Czech Republic (in Czech, Česká republika) is a country of about 10.5 million people in the middle of Europe that is a bit smaller than the U.S. state of South Carolina. During most of the 20th century, the country was one of the two parts of Czechoslovakia, which was part of the Eastern Bloc for much of its existence. In 1989, communism came to an end, and in 1993 the Czech Republic and Slovakia became separate nations following a friendly "divorce." Since the early 90's, more Western tourists have begun to visit the Czech Republic, and tourism is centered in Prague, the grand capital city that is about halfway between Berlin and Vienna.

The language of the Czech Republic is Czech (čeština), a language very similar to and mutually intelligible with Slovak. Both are Slavic languages. If English speakers consider German to be algebra, then Czech is calculus, and the heavy use of diacritics (Č, á, ý, š, etc.) seems to add an extra layer of foreignness to the language. Here is a pertinent sentence from a Czech naturist website: S listopadovými událostmi 1989 se dalo do pohybu i naturistické hnutí. That means "The events of November 1989 set in motion the naturist movement," and this is a reference to the so-called Velvet Revolution that brought about the non-violent overthrow of communism.

Since the Czech Republic is a small country and hardly anyone outside the Czech Republic knows any Czech, it should be no surprise that many Czechs speak another language. However, it was only after the fall of communism that English became the preferred language taught in schools. Czechs who reached adulthood at the turn of the millennium or after are likely to know some English, but older Czechs are likely to know German or Russian instead. This presents more of a language barrier than English speakers typically encounter in European countries farther west. Prague is the easiest destination for English speakers since many signs in tourist areas are in English and urbanites are more likely to be familiar with English. Many western tourists visit only Prague for these reasons, but traveling throughout the rest of the country is a perfectly viable option for more adventurous travelers who are willing to step a bit outside their comfort zones.

Naturism in the Czech Republic     [ ↑ ]
Besides Slovakia, the Czech Republic borders three other countries: Poland, Germany and Austria. The Czech language is similar to Polish but nothing like German (spoken in both Germany and Austria), but there are facets of Czech culture that are decidedly more Germanic, and one of those facets is attitudes about the naked body. Czechs are every bit as comfortable with nudity as are their German-speaking neighbors. Like in Germany and Austria, there are many designated naturist places, and naturism practiced responsibly and with due discretion is widely tolerated by authorities even in the absence of an official naturist designation.

There are at least 100 documented sites in the Czech Republic where nude bathing is customary, which is a remarkable number for a country that can be completely traversed by car in under six hours and even more remarkable for a country that lacks a coastline. Most of these nude "beaches" are along small lakes and ponds, and most of them are not especially "beachy" in the seashore sense of what a beach is like. The nude beaches of the Czech Republic are likely to be grassy lawns or meadows next to the water. A few dozen of these locations are places that are specifically signed and designated for naturists. The rest are unofficial naturist locations that range from well-established naturist sites to sites that have naturist potential but are only sporadically visited by nude bathers. Even if you visit only Prague, you will have a selection of nude bathing options in the city that are accessible by public transit.

Despite such a superabundance of nude bathing opportunities, the Czech Republic is not exactly a naturist travel destination, and what it has to offer is just about completely off the radar of outsiders. This is explained in part by the Czech Republic's landlocked location. Whether beaches are nudist or textile, interior sites are rarely as big a tourist draw as are coastal beaches, especially those of the Mediterranean. Furthermore, as hinted at in the previous section, the perception of language barriers keeps many tourists from exploring much of the country outside Prague and a few other select locations. Finally, the Czech Republic lacks any major naturist camping and vacation centers. The few that do exist are small in scale.

The naturist sites in the Czech Republic are superbly detailed on the following website: is a Czech-language website that has some information available in English. However, most nude beach information is detailed such that each location can be understood quite well just by viewing maps, symbols and photos, so if you can figure out how to navigate the website, you can get the gist of a particular location without any knowledge of Czech. To get started on the site, just click on English in the Navigation (Navigace) box. You will see options for nude places in the Czech Republic, nude places in Prague, saunas in the Czech Republic and saunas in Prague. There are also a few more navigation options that you may find more to your liking. There is an old version of the website that you may find simpler, and it is also possible to view locations in Google Earth, but it is not particularly obvious how to retrieve the Google Earth file. Click here to view placemarks in Google Maps, then click on Zobrazit v aplikaci Google Earth to download these placemarks as a Google Earth file.

Additionally, we have also created our own Google Earth file that we believe is a useful adjunct to That file is described in the next section.

Note: Although includes an extensive sauna guide, these saunas are not comparable to the saunas found in German- and Dutch-speaking Europe. Most of the saunas in the guide are quite small in scale, and most of them belong to fitness centers or hotels. Many of them have only gender-segregated hours, and many are available only for private rental. Few offer outdoor facilities or swimming facilities where nudity is possible. Furthermore, customs regarding mixed-gender nudity in the sauna are not as concrete in the Czech Republic. At this point, we have listed only one Czech sauna (on the outskirts of Prague) in the European Saunas section of this website.

Google Earth File & Coding     [ ↑ ]
We have created a Google Earth file the we believe complements the information in CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CZECH REPUBLIC FILE. What we have tried to do in this file is categorize the sites in such a way that helps you determine which ones are likely to have a larger nudist presence. Each location is marked with one of the six placemarks below:

Each nude beach is marked with a red paddle placemark, with one of four letters (explained below). The yellow tent placemark is for naturist campgrounds, and the yellow sunburst placemarks is for swimming establishments that have lawns or terraces for nude sunbathing (but none of these places offer nude swimming).

  Note that descriptions below are generalizations that do not rigidly apply to specific locations.

O is for OFFICIAL nudist sites. At these sites, you are likely to find a sign on the order of nudi pláž ("nude beach"). "O" sites are likely to be maintained locations that require an entrance fee, and they are also likely to have convenient access to amenities such as restrooms and refreshments (often in an adjacent textile area).

E is for ESTABLISHED nudist sites. Although not formally signed or designated for nudity, these are places where nudity is well established are where nudists are generally in the majority. Some (but not all) of these sites are free of charge, and they are not necessarily maintained. "E" sites are also less likely to be located near amenities. While some "E" sites are quite popular, on the whole they tend to draw fewer visitors than "O" sites.

M is for MIXED sites. These are similar to "E" sites. Like "E" sites, "M" sites are also unofficial. The difference is you can generally expect to find more of a mix of nudists and textiles occupying the same area, and nudists may be in the minority.

P is for POTENTIAL nudist sites. These are sites where nudity sometimes occurs, but nudity is not necessarily well established. These are generally places where nudity occurs in secluded niches out of view of textiles. A bit of discretion may be advisable, and the presence of other nudists is not a certainty.

Each of the six types of placemarks are in separate folders within the Google Earth file, so you can select or deselect certain folders—allowing you to view only official nude beaches, for instance. Placemarks contains links to the appropriate pages on, where you can find details about access and parking. Remember that you can use Google Translate to assist with information in Czech.

To download the supplemental KMZ file for the Czech Republic (viewable in Google Earth), CLICK HERE.
See the DOWNLOADS page for a list of all available KMZ files.