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Pyrénées-Orientales (66) Perpignan
Aude (11) Carcassonne★ / Narbonne
Hérault (34) Montpellier★ / Béziers
Gard (30) Nîmes
Ariège (09) Foix
Haute-Garonne (31) Toulouse
Tarn (81) Albi★ / Castres
Aveyron (12) Rodez
Lozère (48) Mende
Hautes-Pyrénées (65) Tarbes
Gers (32) Auch
Tarn-et-Garonne (82) Montauban
Lot (46) Cahors
Côte d'Azur
Bouches-du-Rhône (13) Marseille★ / Aix / Arles
Var (83) Toulon★ / Draguignan
Alpes-Maritimes (06) Nice★ / Grasse
Vaucluse (84) Avignon
Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04) Digne-les-Bains
Hautes-Alpes (05) Gap

After the name and number of each department, one or more notable towns is indicated in red. When just one town is indicated, that town is the préfecture (i.e., capital city) of the department. When more than one town is named, the préfecture is indicated by a star (★).

The area we have designated as Southern France includes two regions: Occitanie, which borders Spain and lies along the western half of France's Mediterranean coast; and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, which lies along the eastern half of France's Mediterranean coast and borders Italy. These two regions have the overall warmest weather in continental France, comfortable for naturism beginning in May and extending all the way through September and even into early October.

The terrain near the coastal area of Occitanie is largely flat, and the beaches of this region are sandy and expansive. There are even a few beaches where you can drive on the compacted sand and strip off at your car. All of France's Mediterranean seaside naturist retreats are located in Occitanie, including Cap d'Agde, the "naked city" that is the world's largest and most famous naturist resort. Going into the interior of the region, there are hilly areas with warm inland micro-climates as well as some mountainous areas. There is a generous assortment of small-scale naturist retreats scattered throughout the interior of Occitanie.

The Camargue is a vast delta region where the Rhône River flows into the sea. The western part of the Camargue is where you'll find Plage d'Espiguette, a vast beach that draws the largest crowds of nudists in France and is said to be Europe's longest nude beach. East of Espiguette, the border of Occitanie and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA for short) bisects the Camargue. As you head east toward Italy along the coast, things begin to change, especially past Marseille. The coastline becomes mountainous, and the closer you get to Italy, the more mountainous it gets.

PACA is home to two of the most storied areas of France, both of which are included in the longish name of the region. First is Provence, a romanticized area of medieval hilltop villages made particularly famous to English speakers by Peter Mayle's 1989 book A Year in Provence. The boundaries of traditional Provence are not definite, but the term Provence usually refers to the interior rather than the coast. Traditional Provence extends a little across the Occitanie border toward Nîmes, and the Alpine region of the French and Italian border is often not included as part of traditional Provence. Provence is home to a number of small-scale naturist resorts.

The second notable area of PACA is the Côte d'Azur, better know to English speakers as the French Riviera. Not all of the PACA coastline is considered the Riviera. Determining the eastern end is easy. The French Riviera ends at the Italian border, where it become the Italian Riviera. The western end is less definite. Saint-Tropez, Toulon, Hyères and Cassis (near Marseille) are often offered as boundaries. The nude beaches of the Côte d'Azur are often pebbly and tucked into mountainsides, and they are among the most scenic beaches in France.

OCCITANIE     [ ↑ ]

Pyrénées-Orientales (66)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Plage du Bocal du Tech [T] 42.5928N, 3.0442E 
This beach in the Perpignan vicinity is the first well-established Mediterranean nude beach north of the Spanish border. It comes complete with a broad area of sand and a great view of the Pyrénées. The south end of the beach is notable as a gay beach.

      Plage de Torreilles [T] 42.7549N, 3.0377E 
Not quite as popular as Bocal du Tech, this beach is spacious and draws steady crowds of nudists, and it is a little closer to Perpignan.


     La Clapère    42.4791N, 2.8046E     F, E, D, G      beach 

     Le P'tit Bonheur    42.5336N, 2.3117E     F, E, D, S

     Le Ventous    42.4402N, 2.6241E     F, E, D

     Mas de la Balma    42.5150N, 2.6411E     F, E, D      beach 


     La Noualla    42.5311N, 2.8494E     F
          Montesquieu des Albères

Aude (11)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Plage des Villages Naturistes de Port Leucate [A] 42.8799N, 3.0504E 
This beach abuts three small naturist resorts.

      Plage de Cap Leucate   42.9185N, 3.0600E 
Although nudist attendance is sporadic, this is a rare beach of Occitanie that is located at the base of a cliff. It is a change of scenery from the other nude beaches in the region.

      Plage des Montilles [A] 42.9877N, 3.0507E 
This is a site where you can drive on the compacted sand and disrobe at your car. However, winds here are strong, and Plage de la Mateille farther north is a much more popular driving beach.

      Plage des Salines [T] 43.0897N, 3.1057E 
One of two nude beaches in Gruissan, this one draws smaller crowds.

      Plage de la Mateille [T] 43.1217N, 3.1350E 
One of two nude beaches in Gruissan, this one is the more popular. This is a site where you can drive on the compacted sand and disrobe at your car, or you can walk a kilometer if you don't want to drive on the beach.

      Plage de Pissevaches [A] 3.2007N, 3.2209E 
Guests of La Grande Cosse naturist resort have direct access to this expansive beach. Others access the beach by a 20-minute walk from either end.


     Le Clapotis    42.9593N, 2.9960E     F, E, D, G      beach 
          La Palme

     Villages Naturiste de Port Leucate    42.8770N, 3.0469E       beach 
          Port Leucate

            Aphrodite Village    42.8784N, 3.0485E     E

            Oasis Village    42.8760N, 3.0478E     F, E, G

            Ulysse Nature    42.8832N, 3.0505E 

Hérault (34)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Sérignan-Plage [A] 43.2597N, 3.3229E 
This popular beach abuts two naturist resorts—large Le Sérignan Plage and smaller Le Clos de Ferrand. An isolated part of the beach beyond the authorized naturist area is also visited by nudists.

      Plage de Cap d'Agde [A] 43.2923N, 3.5292E 
This is the beach of Cap d'Agde, the much ballyhooed "naked city" that is the world's largest naturist resort. Immensely popular and crowded, non-resort guests can park at the resort (for a fee) to visit the beach for the day.

      Marseillan-Plage [T] 43.3015N, 3.5381E 
This is the northeastern extension of the beach of Cap d'Agde, beyond the resort boundary. It can be accessed without going through Cap d'Agde. This beach is rather notorious as a meeting place for Cap d'Agde's more "amorous" visitors.

      Plage des Aresquiers [T] 43.4636N, 3.8229E 
This beach has a rather unusual usage pattern: a short naturist zone, a textile area, then another more isolated naturist zone that is continuous with the next beach below.

      Plage de Maguelone [T] 43.5024N, 3.8783E 
This beach is continuous with Aresquiers (the beach above), but this end of the beach is far more popular. This is the closest nude beach to Montpellier, and the west end is a notable gay beach.

      Lac du Salagou 43.6530N, 3.3621E  [int]
This serene, off-the-beaten path lake, about an hour inland from the coast, draws small crowds of nude bathers.


     Cap d'Agde Naturist Quarter    43.2962N, 3.5257E       beach 
          Cap d'Agde

            Centre Naturiste Oltra    43.2999N, 3.5312E     F, E, D, G

            Heliopolis    43.2954N, 3.5281E     F, E, D, S

            Heliovillage    43.2963N, 3.5274E     F, E, D, S

            Hôtel Eve    43.2959N, 3.5215E     F, E, S

            Le Jardin d'Eden    43.2950N, 3.5298E     F, E, D, S

            Le Jardin de Babylone    43.2979N, 3.5265E     F, E, D, S

            Les Villas de Port Nature    43.2933N, 3.5271E     F, E, D, S

            Natura Beach    43.2961N, 3.5292E     F, E, D, S

            Natureva Spa    43.2978N, 3.5254E     F, E, G

            Oz'inn Hôtel    43.2966N, 3.5260E     F, E, D

            Port Ambonne    43.2955N, 3.5256E     F, E, D, S

            Port Nature    43.2941N, 3.5259E     F, E, D, S

            Port Soleil    43.2958N, 3.5224E     F, E, D, S

            Port Vénus    43.2951N, 3.5217E     F, E, D, S

     Domaine de Lambeyran    43.7363N, 3.2645E     F

     La Source Saint Pierre    43.6757N, 3.5662E     F, E, D, G      beach 

     Le Sérignan Plage    43.2623N, 3.3233E     F, E, D, G      beach 

     Le Village du Bosc    43.6604N, 3.3208E     F, D

     Les Salisses    43.2984N, 3.4171E     F, E

     Mas de Lignières    43.3409N, 2.7076E     F

     Ô Chai d'Œuvres    43.5346N, 3.4995E     F, E

     Terre de Soleil    43.4031N, 3.5364E     F, E, D, G


     Aloha    43.3639N, 3.4200E     F, E

     Cinq et Sept    43.5060N, 3.3108E     E, F, G

     Villa Littoral    43.2840N, 3.4537E     F, E, G
          Grau d'Agde

Gard (30)      MAP     [ ↑ ]

The three naturist retreats and the two interior beaches listed below are located in the northern area of Gard, which abuts the department of Ardèche in Rhône-Alpes, listed under Interior France. There are a few locations in Ardèche that are very close to the interior sites of Gard.


      Plage de l'Espiguette [A] 43.4756N, 4.1587E 
Less than 40 kilometers from Montpellier, this is a seemingly endless beach with immense dunes where the crowd often exceeds 1,000, with almost everyone naked. Arguably the most popular nude beach in France, you'll tire of trudging through the thick sand well before the scattered bare bodies end. This beach draws many families and couples, and the farther reaches are very popular with gay men.

      Rivière la Cèze, near Ran du Chabrier   44.2688N, 4.3842E  [int]
This is a publicly accessible area of the river downstream from the three naturist retreats listed below.

      Rivière la Cèze, Montclus-Bernas   44.2642N, 4.4330E  [int]
Nude sunning occurs on rock ledges above the river at this quiet, very hidden location.


     Camping du Château de Fereyrolles    44.2684N, 4.3665E     F      beach 

     Domaine de la Sablière    44.2675N, 4.3581E     F, E, D, G      beach 

     La Genèse    44.2676N, 4.3717E     F, E, D, G      beach 

     Le Ran du Chabrier    44.2690N, 4.3760E     F, E      beach 


     Appart Gymnos    43.5678N, 4.1935E     F

     La Boissières    43.7747N, 4.2330E     F

     The Gate    43.8044N, 4.2491E     F, E

     The Lotus Tree    44.2719N, 4.4220E     F, E

     Inn 4 Bears    43.8589N, 4.3501E     F, E

     Le Mas du Clos Ventoux    44.0637N, 4.7280E     F

     Villa Deylof    43.5824N, 4.2008E     F, E

     Villa London    43.8248N, 4.4351E     F

     Villa Ragazzi    43.7513N, 4.2591E     F, E

Ariège (09)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     Millefleurs    42.9931N, 1.6777E     F, E, D, G

Haute-Garonne (31)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     Les Aillos    43.5210N, 1.7591E     F


     A Nousto    43.1006N, 0.6383E     F, E, S

     Domaine de Gilède    43.6058N, 1.5885E     F, E

     La Mariette Guesthouse    43.3623N, 0.9296E     D, E, F

     Les Amis du Savès    43.4643N, 1.0574E     F

Tarn (81)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     La Sesquière    44.0004N, 1.8695E     F, E, D, G

     Le Fiscalou    43.9920N, 1.6508E     F, E, D


     Presbytère de St-Pierre de Messenac    43.9243N, 1.6754E     F

Aveyron (12)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     Le Pas de Ceilhes    43.8369N, 3.1219E     D, E, F, G

Lozère (48)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     La Combe de Ferrière    44.2302N, 3.8633E     F, E, D

Hautes-Pyrénées (65)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     L'Eglantiere    43.2655N, 0.5225E     F, E, D, G      beach 

Gers (32)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     Deveze    43.8918N, 0.8287E     F, E, D, G

     Domaine de Sarraute    43.7565N, 0.1472W     F, E, D
          Le Houga


     Au Clos des Secrets    43.6095N, 0.2289E     F

     Le Lézard Bleu    43.9129N, 0.7859E     F, E

Tarn-et-Garonne (82)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     Les Manoques    44.3603N, 0.9212E     F, E, D


     Auberge du Canabal    44.2823N, 1.1926E     F, E

Lot (46)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     Lalbrade    44.4203N, 1.6952E     F

     Le Champ de Guiral    44.7743N, 1.4098E     F, E

     Le Clos Barrat    44.4310N, 1.0691E     F, E, D

     Les Grands Chênes    44.8086N, 1.4062E     F, E, D


Three regions of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur border the coast—Bouches-du-Rhône, Var and Alpes-Maritimes. If you are looking for an expansive sandy beach for nude bathing, Var has the best options. Except for one beach in the Camargue wetlands, the beaches of Bouches-du-Rhône are rocky (but beautiful). The beaches of Alpes-Maritimes (in the vicinity of Cannes, Nice and Monaco) are mostly rocky as well, and only one is a designated nude beach. Var has a much wider selection of nude beaches. The four we consider best are Jonquet, Layet, Cap Taillat and Vénus.

Bouches-du-Rhône (13)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Plage de Piémanson [T] 43.3437N, 4.8028E 
Reached through a long drive the the heart of the Camargue wetlands, this beach is lined with caravans, most of which are left here year round, making it a permanent informal beach community. This is one of a handful of Mediterranean beaches where driving on the compacted sand is possible. The geography of this beach is vastly different from all the other nude beaches of Bouches-du-Rhône.

      Plage du Rove   43.3510N, 5.2789E 
At this site, there are two very tiny coves below the arches of railroad bridges. Nudity is customary, but attendance is sporadic, and access can be tricky.

      Plage du Mont Rose [T] 43.2295N, 5.3486E 
Located on the east end of Marseille, this is essentially the city's gay beach, even though it is not a sandy beach. Nude sunbathers spread out on massive rock ledges. This is the the west end of the Calanques, an area of deep fjords that extends about 25 kilometers from Marseille to La Ciotat. It is a stunningly beautiful area, and the next two beach below are in the heart of this scenic region.

      Calanque des Pierres Tombées [T] 43.2114N, 5.4570E 
A long but worthwhile hike that begin at a university campus leads to this stunning location in the most scenic area of the Calanques.

      Calanque de Port-Miou [T] 43.2041N, 5.5141E 
On the west side of lovely Cassis, nude sunbathers spread out on rock ledges at this beautiful location.

      Cap Canaille   43.2051N, 5.5488E 
On the east side of Cassis, this beach is at the base of Cap Canaille, a massive headland that is one of the scenic highlights of the Bouches-du-Rhône coastline.

      Plage du Liouquet   43.1805N, 5.6686E 
This beach is located just beyond the eastern end of the Calanques.


     Messidor    43.6443N, 5.4566E     F, E, D, G
          Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade

Var (83)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Plage du Jonquet [A] 43.0611N, 5.8662E 
This popular and scenic beach is the best choice for nude bathing in the immediate vicinity of Toulon.

      Plage de la Mitre   43.1037N, 5.9325E 
Tiny compared to sprawling Jonquet, this beach is within the city limits of Toulon.

      Plage du Monaco   43.1026N, 6.0096E 
This beach has an officially designated naturist area at its northwest end that has existed only since 2016. Nude bathers also gather at a hidden area southeast of the main beach. ("Monaco" is just the name of the beach. The principality of Monaco is over 150 kilometers away!)

      Plage du Bau Rouge [A] 43.0790N, 6.0385E 
With neither sand nor pebbles, this "beach" is really just a collection of rocky shelves, but it has been set aside for naturists since the late 70's.

      Plage des Vieux Salins [A] 43.1164N, 6.2093E 
Nudists have gathered at this beach in Hyères for decades. Although nudity was formally banned in 2004, that decision was reversed in 2009 when a small area of the beach was designated for naturists.

      Plage des Grottes [A] 43.0122N, 6.4345E 
This small beach is the only sandy beach on Île du Levant, an island south of Le Lavandou that has a naturist history that dates to 1931. The island is full of small naturist hotels and guesthouses, and nudity is allowed almost everywhere.

      Plage du Layet [T] 43.1483N, 6.4202E 
This small sandy beach in Cavalière is exceptionally easy to access, just a few minutes' walk from parking along the coastal road. Many consider this the best nude beach of Var. It is at least among the top few.

      Plage de Brouis   43.1724N, 6.6085E 
Accessed from Gigaro on the south end of Presqu'île de Saint-Tropez (a squarish peninsula, the north end of which is home to the famed city of Saint-Tropez), this beach requires a 2-kilometer hike. It is visited by nudists mainly at off-peak times.

      Plage du Cap Taillat [T] 43.1725N, 6.6394E 
On the southeast corner of Presqu'île de Saint-Tropez, this unique beach is an isthmus of sand with water on both sides. Like Brouis (the previous beach), a long hike is required, but, unlike Brouis, Cap Taillat gets consistent nude use, as do the nearby rocky coves. The stunning scenery alone makes it worth a visit. Of the three nude beach on Presqu'île de Saint-Tropez, this one is the best.

      Plage de Pampelonne [T] 43.2163N, 6.6626E 
This 4-kilometer long beach is the most famous beach of Presqu'île de Saint-Tropez. Most of it is textile, but there are a few short stretches where nudity is permissible.

      Plage du Gros Pin [T] 43.2842N, 6.5966E 
Halfway between Saint-Tropez and Sainte-Maxime, this beach is hidden yet exceptionally easy to access, just 100 meters from the parking area.

      Plage des Esclamandes [T] 43.4074N, 6.7344E 
This beach is large, sandy, easily accessible and near an urban area—the only nude beach on the French Riviera with all four of these attributes. This is among the most popular nude beaches of the region of Var—if not the most popular.

      Cap Roux   43.4527N, 6.9205E 
Situated in a beautiful, mountainous red-rock area, this cove is quite hidden even though it just below the coastal highway.


     Île du Levant    43.0188N, 6.4384E       beach 

            Bazar du Levant    43.0187N, 6.4393E     F

            Camping La Pinède    43.0182N, 6.4382E     F

            L'Eden    43.0212N, 6.4402E     F

            Le Gecko    43.0175N, 6.4369E     F, E

            Le Youkali    43.0194N, 6.4396E     F, E

            Héliotel    43.0208N, 6.4392E     F

            Hôtel Gaëtan    43.0184N, 6.4399E     F

            Hôtel La Brise Marine    43.0199N, 6.4391E     F, E, G

            La Residence des Îles d'Or    43.0195N, 6.4410E     F

            Résidence l'Escapade    43.0173N, 6.4395E     F

            Studio 80    43.0202N, 6.4374E     F

            Villa Eglantine    43.0193N, 6.4395E     F

            Villa La Réclusière    43.0194N, 6.4363E     F, E*

            Villa Marie Jeanne    43.0197N, 6.4357E     F

     La Haute Garduère    43.5538N, 6.5601E     F, E, D

     La Tuquette    43.5847N, 6.6665E     F, E, D, G

     Le Mas de la Tour    43.5969N, 6.2982E     F

     Les Lodges    43.4963N, 6.5258E     F, E
          La Motte

     VillaJaRi    43.5195N, 6.3885E     D, E, F

PLACES TO STAY—GAY  (see also the two gay-oriented listings under Île du Levant)

     Var Hôte Men    43.5196N, 6.4429E     F

     Villa Bacchus    43.4098N, 6.4485E     F

Alpes-Maritimes (06)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Crique de l'Aiguille   43.5047N, 6.9544E 

      Plage de la Batterie [T] 43.5509N, 7.0574E 
This tiny beach at the eastern edge of Cannes is the city's only nude beach. There is just a small area of sand, and there is a disconnected gay area of the beach a few hundred meters away.

      Jetée du Port   43.6914N, 7.2871E 
There are sporadically nude bathers on the rocks of this long jetty in Nice, but this location is minor compared to the other locations in the area.

      Coco Beach   43.6864N, 7.2983E 
The rocky location on the east side of Nice is attended most by gay men, but it is secondary in popularity to Plage de St-Laurent d'Eze 13 kilometers to the east.

      Plage de St-Laurent d'Eze   43.7210N, 7.3789E 
There are more rock ledges than there is actual beach here, but this is the most popular gay beach of the French Riviera. This beach and neighboring Plage des Pissarelles are just a few kilometers west of Monaco along a dramatic part of the coast.

      Plage des Pissarelles   43.7230N, 7.3837E 
Less than one kilometer away from Plage de St-Laurent d'Eze (the above beach), this small beach is more or less the straight alternative to its all-gay neighbor.


     Le Haut Chandelalar    43.8632N, 6.7323E     F, E, D, G

     Origan Village    43.9584N, 6.8608E     F, E, D, G      beach 

Vaucluse (84)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Rivière de l'Ouvèze   44.1740N, 4.9722E  [int]


     Domaine de Bélézy    44.1316N, 5.1887E     F, E, D, G, S


     Homes du Luberon    43.9091N, 5.2086E     F, E

Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     Castillon de Provence    43.8855N, 6.5126E     F, D      beach 

     Centre Pardigue    44.2520N, 5.9439E     F, D, G

     Domaine des Lauzons    43.9728N, 5.7381E     F, E, D, G

     Domaine du Petite Arlane    43.8389N, 6.0197E     F, E, D, G

     Le Vallon des Oiseaux    43.8727N, 5.6359E     F, E, D, G

     Verdon Provence    43.7547N, 5.9498E     F, E, D

Hautes-Alpes (05)      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Plage des Pintrons   44.5236N, 6.3517E  [int]

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